Does constant connectivity make you more productive or more distracted?

I'm in the studio today finishing two amazing recording projects! For me that means turning off my Wifi. I tend to be much more productive when not bothered by incoming emails and other web notifications.

Some of you work on the web, so this kind of escape is likely not an option. But for the rest of you, is this the case for you too? Does constant connectivity sometimes seem to be a barrier to productivity?

Looking forward to sharing this music and hanging with y'all soon!

Bach's Little Fugue in Gm on Guitar by Rob Michael

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  • Kevin Galipeau

    At work – definitely more distracted. 
    Even though I get regular amounts of email while I work, as a scientist, I need to stay focused on the activities I'm involved in in order to be most effective.
    At home – more productive.
    I use connectivity to round out the day and incorporate the load of information I have access to via the internet, catch up with friends, and  connect with new ideas and people.

  • Ivano Forgione

    it depends on the nature of the activity, I can understand that creativity and music production need some kind of isolation

  • Jerry Mael


  • Kiko Starkmann

    Wonderful music, +Rob Michael :)

    I work on the internet, but I keep my connectivity intentionally low. Using Linux with at least 4 virtual desktops really helps here – all communication software (chat client if launched at all, email client etc.) normally reside in another virtual desktop. I am checking my emails about once an hour, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, depending on what I'm working on at the moment. Normally, there are "logical blocks" of problems when you work as a developer – and normally, I will only be checking those programs inbetween two of those "logical blocks".

    If something really urgent happens, my co-workers got my phone number. Oh, my smartphone normally is muted, and I don't immediately answer calls directly, calling back when there is time.

  • James Olmos

    I turn off all connections to the internet when recording, or if I need "extreme focus" on a particular task.  If not, I get very distracted.

  • Klaudia Gryga

    Thanks for this lovely … distraction 😉

  • Snowy Angelique Maslov

    I don't find things distracting when I need to focus I just close down everything else and focus on the specific tasks I need to have done.   I've been exclusively working from home now for about 5 years.

  • Rob Michael

    Thanks everyone for your insights. It seems these relatively new tools available to all of us requires an adjustment in our collective work ethic.

  • Shawn Everly

    Connectivity tends to make me more distracted, even sometimes at work. I don't have a smartphone right now and am considering never getting one because of that very reason.