You prepare, you rehearse, you plan, you worry

Eventually, it all boils down to one thing: Play Something Good

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  • Tim McDaniel

    Nice. There are plenty to go around!

  • gary bertrand

    And now a RIM shot!

  • Manolis Moumouzias

    OK guys, now let's use 24 channels for the bass drum…

  • Darren Landrum

    Oh, so making my album with only three different mics was doing it all wrong! I need to use 30-40 for each thing.

    In all seriousness, this was probably a test setup for a mic shootout, but I'm sure we all could guess that.

  • Dieter Heyer

    I`m all ears.

  • Tony Franco

    It looks like there could be some phase issues here.

  • David Henry Pipe

    +gary bertrand
     I would not like to be the sound engineer with headphones on!

  • michael marshall

    can i get a mic check please ? lol