New track added to my Everything album

One giant stream/ download available everywhere in the world via desktop or mobile.

Is this electronic or acoustic? I don't know… Hope you dig it.

Are you more of a +SoundCloud person? Fine.


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Rob Michael
Rob Michael is “That jazz guitar guy on the internet.”

Whether collaborating with people the word over on their newest albums & videos, teaching guitar and arranging via video calls to playing online concerts via web as a solo performer or with The Atmos Trio, Rob is tireless in his quest to perpetuate the transformative experience that a connection to music provides.

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  • Rockett Roll

    very nice.  I like the way you reharmonize in places and used fourth stacks here and there..  Is that a nylon string guitar you are playing?  It sounds great.

  • Rob Michael

    Thanks. Yes that's nylon string acoustic electric.