Online Guitar Lessons

Studio 12:13Whether you’re an intermediate guitarist trying to decipher charts from your school’s music program or a professional player looking to expand your musical vocabulary, you’re ready for some one-on-one private guitar instruction, right? Problem… the commute’s a little far. Not anymore! No matter where on the planet (or beyond) you are, we can do lessons! You just need a webcam, computer and high-speed internet.

How Online Lessons Work

You’ll need a computer with a webcam and high speed internet.

The most common way I do this is via Google+. Connect with me on G+ or email me and we can schedule to a lesson in a private Hangout!

The video conferencing technology is really wonderful. I have a ton of play along things for us to work with. My methods are organized, concise and efficient. I charge $75 (US) for an hour lesson. Payment is through PayPal.

 Lessons are priced individually, discounts are available at monthly as well as annual rates

How many lessons would you like?